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Meet our Governing Board

Our school is led by a group of volunteers who are passionate about learning and experienced in the strategies that we promote.

Laura Kohler, Board Chair,  Audit Committee Chair


Laura Kohler grew up in Idaho Falls, Idaho, in a family of scientists and history buffs. She attended her local public school and was identified as a gifted student at the age of eight. Laura’s education throughout elementary and secondary school was a blend of mainstream public school, homeschooling, and gifted and honors programs. She came to Cache Valley to study at Utah State University, fell in love with the area, and never left. She is the mother of two students at CCID, and has been involved with the school on a volunteer level since its opening. She has helped spearhead the efforts to organize a library and is currently serving as the PTO president. In her spare time, Laura enjoys research, gardening, kayaking, and reading.

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Brad Hess, Board Member, Audit Committee Member

1Brad is a local Certified Financial Planner and works with clients primarily on retirement planning and strategies. He earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Utah State University in 1999, and a Master’s Degree from Utah State University in 2002. He began work in the financial services industry in 1999 and opened a solo financial planning practice in January, 2011.


Brad has broad experience in business, entrepreneurship, and operations. He is also committed to serving in capacities that can help make make a difference in the day to day lives of others. He has served on many charitable boards and has helped streamline processes, solve challenges, and promote efficiencies to promote goal achievement.


Brad is committed to helping achieve the mission and goals of CCID! He believes that education can be both challenging and engaging when children have the opportunity to creatively learn, adapt and collaborate.

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Brittan Barker, Board Member, Evaluation Committee Chair, Board Membership Committee Member

1Brittan is an involved, long-time CCID parent and an Assistant Professor in the Department of Communicative Disorders and Deaf Education at Utah State University. She earned her Ph.D. in Hearing Science in 2006 and her M.S. in Cognitive Development in 1999, both from the University of Iowa. She has over 20 years of experience working with children (both with and without hearing loss) and their parents. Brittan is a disability rights advocate who is passionate about ensuring that every child has a right to an appropriate, individualized education. CCID shares this philosophy and is one of the reasons she and her family feel at home here. Brittan also loves spending time outside in the Utah mountains or being curled up on a comfy couch with a good book.

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Marion Bishop, Board Member

Marion BishopMarion is a Emergency Medicine physician (MD, University of Utah). Prior to going to medical school she taught College English for eleven years and earned a PhD in English from New York University. She is a loves science but is also passionate about language and literature—and is particularly interested in the way studying science and the humanities can illuminate and broaden each other. Marion frequently writes about the practice of medicine, with her writing appearing in local and national publications. She is proud to call the Intermountain West her home.


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Kacy Lundstrom, Board Member

1Kacy is a parent and supporter of CCID. She is also an Academic Librarian at Utah State University. She has a background in education and spends a lot of her time working with students to help them think critically about information. Her work confirms her belief that people learn more when they care about the things they are learning about.


Kacy also loves Logan deeply and when she’s not working she’s enjoying her family and kayaking, eating good food, or watching superhero movies. Reading has been transformative in her life and she can’t say enough good things about Anne of Green Gables or A Separate Peace.

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Mi'kel Price, Board Member

Mi'kel graduated with her M.S. from the Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) Deaf Education program at Utah State University in 2014. She has more than six years of experience working with children with hearing loss and their parents in the classroom, their home, and in tele-health settings. During this time she learned how to be an advocate for social-emotional learning, and how to support parent engagement of their child’s learning, in daily life. She is passionate about education and finding personal solutions to unique problems. 
Mi’kel comes from a long line of runners, and enjoys running, quilting, and listening to others’ stories. She enjoys spending time with her family and instilling tools for connection, regulation, and resilience to both of her young children.
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Colby Tofel-Grehl, Board Treasurer, Audit Committee Member, Evaluation Committee Member.

Colby Tofel-Grehl Colby Tofel-Grehl, PhD is an associate professor of STEM education in the School of Teacher Education and Leadership at Utah State University. Her research focuses on finding ways to engage technology within core content STEM classrooms to create more equitable learning opportunities and supports for youth STEM identity development. Her research has appeared in The Physics Teacher, Journal of Educational Research, and Journal of Science Education and Technology. In 2020 she was honored with the early career Science Teacher Educator of the Year award from the Association for Science Teacher Education. She is currently principal investigator of 4 National Science Foundation grants including Project ESTITCH, and recent recipient of the NSF's Innovative Use of Technology and Learning Experiences in the Service of Broadening Participation Exemplar.

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Kyle Glass, Board Member


Kyle Glass is the owner of Leg Up Agency. A PR/Marketing Agency that he founded after 15 years of working in the consumer tech industry. His marketing experience focuses primarily in B2B custom installation consumer electronics, where he has worked with companies such as Sony, Bose and Samsung and many more over his career. However, he also has experience working with businesses including, law, not-for-profits, forensic accounting and even shoes.

He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Public Relations in 2005, as well as graduate studies in the same field, until 2008 at Ball State University in Indiana.

Kyle is also a wartime Army veteran, having served in Bosnia and Herzegovina during ‘Operation Enduring Freedom’, and supported deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan in the early 2000’s. After six years of service, he departed the military as a sergeant (E-5) in pursuit of education and professional opportunities.


He transplanted in the Logan area in 2020 and believes that the opportunities provided in STEM-focused education, and particularly CCID, will be leg up for his son, a student at CCID,  and our community.


Contact Kyle at [email protected].


Lia Ciccotti, Board Member

Lia Ciccotti grew up in Hawaii and upstate New York, with parents so passionate about education that they left Hawaii and her mother became the administrator of a brand new Montessori school (still going strong, decades later) because they were nonplussed by the schooling options offered around them.
Lia attended that Montessori school for a decade herself before moving onto public school, graduating from college (with a BA in English), traveling the world, living with a Himba tribe in Namibia, working in mental health, and finally working as the Coordinator for Enrollment in Nontraditional Studies at Wesleyan College, before taking a break to be a stay at home mother.
Lia has two children currently attending CCID, and has had students here from the start.  She has been volunteering since the beginning, and looks forward to contributing more as a board member.
Contact Lia at [email protected]